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Self-employed graphic designer and photographer Never bored: Oil and acrylic painting, photography (portraits, glamour shots, nature, macro, floral/botanical, travel), cement leaf casting, crocheting hats like crazy come winter time (what else can a gardener do when it’s cold out?), needle felting, sewing, murals, faux painting, making jewelry, Polaroid transfers (if it’s something crafty, I’ve probably at least tried it once), biblioholic (any topic, you name it–--I probably have at least one book on the subject…don’t even begin to guess how many gardening books I’ve amassed!), animal lover (3 cats---Pixel, Lobo and Queso), used to have ferrets, several goldfish, two other beloved cats (Jasper and ZenaB), and one white rat named Lucky Fred Chewy Ratatouille), handy with power tools and do-it-yourself projects, obsessed with gardening and gardening books (reference, how-to, essays by other gardeners), writing poetry, entertaining (all my parties must have a theme, dress code, and guests pose in front of related theme backgrounds for their photos!), animal lover; magazine addict (covering photography, graphic design, Photoshop, Mac, home and garden, food, crafts, travel)…love to travel (so far: Iceland (most beautiful place on earth!), Italian and French Riviera, Rome, Chile (Buenos Aires), Argentina (Tierra del Fuego, Ushuaia), Antarctica, Alaska, the islands (Tortola, Virgin Gorda, St. John, St. Thomas, St. Lucia, St. Barts), southwest U.S. several times over (Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah), all the eastern states, Ohio, California (San Diego, Monterrey, Carmel, San Francisco, Napa/Sonoma Valley, Death Valley), Texas (mostly South Texas and Mexico), Newfoundland, P.E.I., Nova Scotia, Point Pelee for bird migration, Maine (and all New England states), Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Florida, Pacific Northwest (Washington, Oregon), Wisconsin….love a good road trip…need to do more...who wants to join me on the next one? In a nutshell, I live to create.

The Orphaned Images Project: Petticoat Junction, anyone?

Scribbled in pencil on the back of this photo: Luella Devo and me, Jesse and Adelaide Devoe on the silo With just a few seconds of research, beginning with the fact that two of the women in this photo are … Continue reading

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The Orphaned Images Project: Class Picture Day

I realize that these young students were probably told to remain motionless while their class photo was taken, but there is not one happy face in the bunch, is there? The writing at the bottom of the photo reads “Estella” … Continue reading

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The (Not so) Orphaned Images Project: Grandma Hester’s prayer

I found this handwritten prayer, in my (paternal) grandmother’s handwriting, in a box of old family photos (that obviously are not orphaned). She wrote it on four sheets of her husband’s business invoices. John F. Weathers was a carpenter and … Continue reading

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The Orphaned Images Project: Gertrude Kitchen and Olive May, revisited

Last week I received a comment on this post from Charles, a wedding and portrait photographer near Detroit, Michigan. Visit his website here. “Wow, Gertrude is my wife’s Great Grandmother (Grandma Gerdy) and Leonard would be her son; Olive would … Continue reading

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The Orphaned Images Project: Ladies who lunch

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The Orphaned Images Project: Bathing cuties

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The Orphaned Images Project: Gone fishin’

Written around the edges of this photo: 7:30 A.M. In a few minutes he is off with a “fishing only” on a gasoline launch. Archivist note: Hmmm….

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